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MHM provides a wide range of comprehensive development services for companies wishing to relocate or to expand their presence.  Our development experts have extensive experience in ground-up development; site selection, entitlements, permitting, design, complex environmental issues and Green design earned through decades of developing.  Our clients inherit years of experience in their projects from our past developments that creates quality, value and delivers long-term building efficiency.


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Site Selection

We identify and prioritize the specific markets you want to enter and within each market, we identify the trade areas that offer the best growth potential for you company . Within each trade area, we identify the optimal site

Planning & Design

We work closely with our preferred architects and engineers to ensure the design team meets your needs that will best serve and function in the most efficient way to ensure the best customer experience.  


We offer nationwide Build-to-Suit development services that allows our clients to expand into new markets to meet the needs of their clients. This allows our clients to conserve capital for their primary business needs.

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A build to suit is a commercial building specifically constructed to meet the design and physical specifications of one particular user.  The build to suit arrangement gives you control of the design process and allows you to build your new facility to your exact needs and specifications. Our development team pulls together the design, construction and financing expertise to provide you a turnkey building. Further, the entire lease payment is tax deductible, as compared to a traditional mortgage where only the interest portion of the loan payment is deductible.


What Are The Benefits of Build-to-Suit?

  • Conservation of capital that can yield a greater return if invested in operations or additional facilities.

  • Improved Cash Flow

  • Tax benefits of making lease payments vs mortgage payments

  • Gives the design control to the tenant for maximum space efficiency

  • Tenant gets exactly what they need built to their specifications



A sale leaseback is a financial transaction where a business sells real estate it already owns, who then immediately leases the asset back through a long-term lease and the seller receives the equity proceeds at the closing.  


What are the benefits of a sale-leaseback?

  • Improved Balance Sheet and financial ratios.

  • Operational Advantages

  • Provides capital for operational needs or expansion projects

  • Provides cash for future needs

  • Potential Tax advantages



An Acquisition/Conversion is where an existing facility is identified, acquired by MHM, and then converted to fit the requirements and needs of the client.  This can be a old location that is no longer in use by a previous retailer.  For example we converted an old post office in to an Urgent Care.  The location was excellent and the building had a solid foundation to work with.  We demoed the the interior of the building , saw cut floors for new plumbing and added a new TPO roof with a 20 year warranty.


What are the benefits of an Acquisition/Conversion?

  • Can provide a cost savings from a BTS.

  • The quickest time frame to get open.

  • Can also offer a great location

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