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"I learned from experience that it is easier to keep the clients that you already have, rather than continually searching for new ones. This simple philosophy relates to everything we do at MHM Development. That's why we design and build facilities with long-term durability, giving our clients security and the freedom of low maintenance buildings. We give our clients great value in quality buildings. At the end of the day, we feel good about what we've accomplished."

Mike Metcalf, President & CEO


MHM works closely with its client’s to understand their short and long term objectives related to their Real Estate Strategy. Once the goals and objectives are identified a formal solution is developed that will enable the client to meet their business needs.  More often than not we incorporate a design/build approach with highly experienced architects, engineers, and general contractors that work in that client’s specific area of business in order to maximize efficiency and lower cost. A CEO approach if you will.


MHM Development is a privately owned real estate development company based in Naples Florida.  MHM represents a collective history of experience, dedication, and business savvy with firm business roots with fortune 500 companies.  Since we are a privately held company there is No Bureaucracy or inflexible policies.  Instead we take an entrepreneurial approach with straight forward and creative deal making to accommodate the needs of our clients.

“We are committed to providing the highest quality of service while exceeding our client’s goals and expectations throughout the entire development process and beyond.”

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